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Badung, Where The Famous Are Settle

Badung, is one of regencies in Bali where Kuta and Nusa Dua, which is the most famous destination in Bali that has been known worldwide, is located in this regency. The capital of this regency is Mangunpura. This regency is bounded with Buleleng regency in north, Tabanan regency in west and bangli regency, Gianyar regency. Denpasar city in east.

Looking at the topography, Badung regency looks very unique, the area is seems like the dagger of “Keris”, which is the traditional weapon of Bali. The community in Badung has customary rule which is called Awig-Awig.

The existence of this awig awig rules is bind the citizens so that people are generally very obedient to the customs. Therefore, the existence of this Indigenous Institute is become a very powerful tool in attracting the participation of the community. Many programs have successfully implemented the Government announced in this area, because of existing traditional institutions.

The early history of Badung was more less affected by the Puputan war, which was the deadly war in Bali, between Badung people with Dutch colonialism. This war happened in 20 Sepmtember 1906 and the victims were almost 7000 people had become the lesson among Badung society. Moreover, the war also shown how the patriotic of the society to fight against the injustice.

The southern side of Badung is more densely populated which is a major area of tourist accommodation facilities compared to the northern side of Badung which is relatively isolated, with agriculture as its main source of living. Kuta, Kerobokan, Nusa Dua. Tanjung, and the area of Bukit Jimbaran which are all located in the southern side are major areas for tourist accommodation facilities which have raised big revenue for the Badung regency compared to other regencies. The northern side of Badung regency is a destination of the nature-interest tourism, such as rafting. The people of Badung, who welcome the tourism industry as an alternative way to earn living, has developed Badung to be an attractive tourist destination.

As a matter of fact, there are lots of destination in Badung that commonly visited by the tourists when visit Bali for their vacation, those objects are well-known and become familiar to the entire world, like, Dreamland beach, Padang-padang beach, batu Bolong beach, GWK or Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Jimbaran, Kuta beach, Legian Seminyak, Uluwatu temple, Tanjung Benoa and many more. Furthermore, the International Bali airport of I Gusti Ngurah Rai and famous university of Udayan Bali is located in this regency.

Exotic and important, may be that will be the right description for Badung regency related with the existence for Bali island.