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Bangli Regency

Bangli is one of regencies in Bali, with the capital of Bangli. This regency is bounded with Buleleng regency in north, Klungkung and Karangasem in east, and Klungkung regency, Gianyar in South, Badung and Gianyar in west.

Bangli is divided into 4 subdistricts, 4 hamlets and 56 villages. Kintamani, which is one of famous destination in Bali, is one of the sundistricts in Bangli.

Among eight regencies and one city in Bali, Bangli is the only regency without a coastline area. However, Bangli owns the biggest lake in Bali, the Batur Lake, which functions as a source of water for a large part of the farmland in south Bali.

Regarding the significant role of the lake, the subak system symbolically considers Pura Ulun Danu 8atur as its orientation of worship to the God of Wisnu, who is the protector of the cosmos. Located in the central mountain range and the highlands, Bangli has cool weather and becomes colder at night, especially in Kintamani.

Regency of Bangli Development Priority placed on economic area with emphasis of Agricultural Sector in wide meaning, Tourism and Industrial of small craft specially supporting tourism.

Situated at 400 m above sea level, the mountain ranges of northern Bangli are the biggest producers of bamboos in Bali. Most of traditional buildings in Bali use bamboos from Bangli as materials for the roof. In the traditional buildings in the mountain ranges of Bangli, the bamboo is used as the roof cover. Crafting / Diligence of Bamboo is such a small industry in Regency of Bangli represent the pre-eminent commodity with local raw material that still enough available.

Due to the history of administration in Bali during the monarchy system, Bangli had once taken an important part between the end of the 10th century and the beginning of the 11th century, or during the reign of the King Udayana from the Warmadewa dynasty.

Archaeological remains stored in Pura Bukit Panulisan in northern Kintamani can tell us a story of the Bali’s history. The lifestyle and the dialect of the people living in the mountain ranges of Kintamani show that it is not only inscriptions which can prove important role of Bangli in the past but also living evidences following the good implementation of its traditional lifestyle.

Beside its cool weather and breathtaking views of the wildlife around the Batur Lake, various historical remains well preserved in the regency are another supporting tourism potential of Bangli. Various accommodation facilities and restaurants have been built.

There are tourism destinations in Bangli, beside Kintamani, there is ukit Jati, Taman Bali Raja, Kuning Waterfall, Kehen Temple, Eco Tourism, Penglipuran Traditional Village, Penglipuran Heroes Monumen, Bamboo Forest, Pengotan Traditional Village, Penelokan Tourist Resort, The Vulcano Museum of Mount Batur, Toyo Bungkah, Kedisan Village, Terunyan Village, Pancering Jagat Temple, Batur Temple, Pucak Penulisan Temple, Catur Kintamani Agrotourism, Dalem Balingkang Temple, Pantunan, Panorama of Puncaksari Temple, Demulih hill and many more.