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Where Ubud Lies, Is in Gianyar

Gianyar is another regency in Bali province, which is bounded with Denpasar in Southwest, Badung regency in West, Bangli in East and Klungkung regency in Southeast.

Gianyar is the center of carving art in Bali that mostly being visited by the tourist for those who are fanatics of Bali carving. The district of Gianyar is the centre of Balinese culture, rich in history and artifacts. Gianyar’s history is arguably the most fascinating in Bali. The town of Gianyar itself is a small administrative town, home to one of the best-preserved palaces on the island, but unfortunately closed to visitors.

Gianyar as the famous of artistic and high culture, has an interesting areas as a tourism areas, it has nature view, mountain, beautiful coast, rest of ancient object and all kinds of crafting product / diligence yielded by skillful and creative hand motivated tourist / investors that visit to Gianyar.

Set amongst magnificent fields of rice paddies and against a backdrop of lush green mountainous surrounds lays Ubud. Only an hour north of Kuta, Ubud is truly a worthwhile destination for those seeking the true beauty of Bali. Fortunately, it located in this regency of Gianyar.

By being the home to the Bali Safari & Marine Park and Mari River Lodge, Gianyar will charm and intrigue visitors of all ages. With a number of accommodation options on offer, this area allows you to experience the heart and soul of Bali.

Gianyar has some of the most important archeological sites. The majority are located in the Pejeng area, 4 km from Ubud. It is home to one of South East Asia’s oldest artifacts, a huge kettledrum known as the Moon of Pejeng, a relic from the Bronze Age originating from Dongson, Vietnam, and a nearby archeological museum. The village also has two ancient temples, the Pura Pusering Jagat and Pura Kebo Edan.

Still within the district of Gianyar in the central mountains across from Trunyan is the small settlement of Tirta, with its popular by its hot springs. The springs bubble out and are captured in bathing pools. The water is soothingly hot and is reputed to have powerful healing powers.

Since 1930’s, Ubud is popular among western tourists. At that time the German painter, Walter Spies and Dutch painter, Rudolf Bonnet settled there. They were assisted by Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, from Puri Agung Ubud. Now their work can be seen at the Museum Puri Paintings, Ubud. Relating to the painting art, there is also other museum that keeping the collection of Balinese art, which is Rudana Museum dan Rudana Fine Art Gallery.

Regarding the tourism objects, Gianyar has numbers of tourism destination like: Lebih beach, Penataran Sasih temple, Payangan natural object, archaeological museum, Taro elephant park, Secret Ketewel beach, Wanara Wana or monkey forest, and many more.