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Bali Holiday Adventure: The Most Complete Paintball Game Facilities in Bali

Looking for paintball game facilities in Bali a well-equipped and strategically designed pitch? Just come to Bali Holiday Adventure! Discover our spectacular paintball arena, designed specifically to meet the needs of true adventurers!

FAQ Paintball Safety

Does Paintball Hurt?

NO! The pain of a paintball shot is almost the same as being flicked with a rubber band. If you are still unsure and afraid, try wearing thick, long-sleeved clothing.

The more layers you wear, the more protected your skin is! Paintball games and equipment are designed to make the game extreme and intense, but we guarantee it is 100% safe to play!

Will Paintball Stain My Clothes?

NO! One of the perks of playing paintball at Bali Holiday Adventure is that it uses the highest quality paintballs available which are biodegradable and do not cause stains.

Is Paintball Dangerous?

NO! Statistically, playing paintball is safer than bowling, or even cheerleading. As long as you follow the safety rules we provide, paintball is one of the safest and most fun sports you can take part in.


Paintball Game Facilities in Bali Holiday Adventure

To support your playing experience, Bali Holiday Adventure provides complete and adequate facilities:

1. Pick Up at Your Hotel (Hotel Pick Up)

You order the game package paintball This means you can add pick-up facilities to your hotel and drop-off. Customers who receive service pick up only those in certain areas of Bali.

Starting from Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur, Ubud and Canggu only, beyond that, further coordination can be carried out. According to the schedule, you will be picked up in a comfortable, spacious, air-conditioned fleet. Pick-up from your hotel towards Badung starts at 07.45 to 08.30 in the morning.

For those of you who want to get gaming facilities paintball in Bali. This Holiday Adventure can hold negotiations the previous day from 09.00 to 17.00. Pick-up doesn’t have to be at the hotel, especially if you are in an area outside the pick-up area, you can ask for another pick-up point in that area.

2. International Standard Paintball Playing Equipment

Actually, for beginners, you don’t need to bring many things to play, because almost all the equipment is already available in the paintball package you ordered. Starting from safety equipment, and game equipment such as markers and ammunition (150 bullets/package/person).

You will be directed to carry out and prioritize security, so that the security equipment is definitely complete. Starting from helmets, masks, vests, uniforms, gloves, shoes, self-protection and so on.

Apart from that, the maker or weapon you will use is the newest version and is the safest and most well-maintained. For pro needs, most will bring a personal marker, but pro gun rental options are also available, at an additional cost.

3. Professional Guidance

Don’t just rely on the itgaming facilities for paintball in Bali Holiday Adventure. Those of you who are beginners also get trained professional guidance services. With the help of professional guidance, the game experience will be more enjoyable.

Professional assistance will also help you improve strategies to make the game more challenging. You will also be given various tips to maximize your adventure experience in the game paintball.

4. Various Game Scenarios

Enjoy the game without sticking to itgaming facilities in Bali An adequate Holiday Adventure, because the choice of areas is quite diverse and there are also various game scenarios. Common games likedeath match, fort assault untilfree for all. 

Of course, the game also depends on your abilities and professionalism. Apart from that, the game will also be adjusted to the arena you are using at that time. These various schemes will also develop tactical skills and teamwork!

5. Trusted Insurance

To ensure the safety of the game participants, every time you order a game package you get trusted safety insurance. Even though fatal accidents are very rare, just in case this insurance will help players feel more comfortable and safe.

6. Bathing Facilities

After tired of playing paintball, it’s best to rest by taking a shower and cleaning yourself. Fortunately, Bali Holiday Adventure also provides quite complete shower facilities, starting from a large area with warm water, a bathtub and various other shower facilities.

7. Buffet Lunch (Buffet Lunch)

After getting tired of playing paintball, you can also rest and restore energy with a meal that pampers your taste buds with the package buffet lunch. You will be treated to a variety of typical Balinese or Indonesian dishes, which are sure to be delicious and according to your taste.

The main course will also take into account the energy you expend and return it with a mouth-watering preparation. So you don’t need to bother looking for food after you’re tired from your activities because the food is already available in the package. You will also get a welcome drink every time you come to the location.

Safety Rules for Playing Paintball

After knowing everything about paintball game facilities in Bali Holiday Adventure, you also have to understand the rules of the game, including:

1. Glasses (Goggles)

Whenever you play paintball, you should wear protective goggles that fit over your face. Protecting your eyes is the most important safety rule when playing paintball.

Paintball goggles are very safe when worn correctly, so as long as your goggles are on, it’s impossible to get shot in the face or eyes.

2. Blind Shooting (Blind Firing)

Never shoot without looking at what you are shooting at. Blind Firing refers to firing your paintball gun without being able to see where your shot is going.

Shooting blindly can be very dangerous, as you could accidentally shoot another player at too close a range, a staff member, or a player who may be missing the game or injured on the field.

3. Maximum Speed

All paintball markers should be set at 285 fps, no higher (rental equipment is pre-set at this speed). Speeds that are too high can actually result in ejection from the field.

4. It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are not permitted on site. Anyone who is drunk or appears to be intoxicated will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to participate in the game.

5. Respect the Referee

In a paintball game, the referee has the authority to make the final decision. Apart from respecting the referee’s decisions and rules, also respect your fellow players.

Benefits of Playing Paintball

Not only is it fun, it’s actually playing has many benefits such as:

  1. Maintain physical health

Playing paintball demands the players to keep moving, running, crawling, and carrying out missions in the game area paintball. By actively moving your body, it will stimulate your body to increase your metabolism and endurance.

In fact, in this activity various movements train your motor skills, speed, flexibility and various physical abilities. It also aims to improve personal abilities, speed and strength.

  1. Practice Team Skills

Paintball which is played in a team, can help in developing cooperation, communication and strategy skills between team members. This will help improve communication skills, teamwork and other collaboration supporting abilities.

  1. Improve Strategy Skills

These games involve strategic planning, quick decision making, and adapting to changing situations, all of which can help improve strategy skills. All players are required to learn to use game media for tactical advantage and evaluate their surroundings.


If you follow the game plan paintball, there is a schedule that Bali Holiday Adventure provides, namely:

  • Pick Up at Your Hotel: TimetableFirst is the pick-up process, customers in the pick-up area will get a pick-up process. Even if you are outside the region, you can still negotiate for a pick-up point outside the hotel.
  • Administrative process in Meeting Point: Upon arrival at the meeting point area, you will be asked to carry out an administrative process for verification or check-in booking.
  • Preparation to Start: After you complete the process check in and administration, you will start preparations before the game. For beginners there will be a briefing and introduction of game weapons, fittings, equipment selection and much more.
  • Paintball Activity: All preparations are complete, now is the time for you to start the game. The game will run according to the scenario and strategy that you play with your team. The game will run until time runs out or you successfully complete the mission.
  • Shower: After the game is finished, you can rest for a moment, then clean yourself by showering in the facilities provided. With the best facilities, it will definitely help restore some energy and make the body fresher.
  • Buffet Lunch: Tired of playing all day, you can restore energy with buffet lunch with a variety of menus that will pamper your taste buds. So you just have to rest when you return to the hotel.
  • Back to Hotel: Finally, you will be taken to the pick-up location or hotel you are staying at. An exciting but tiring day’s experience will make your rest time at the hotel higher quality.

What Should You Bring?

Because gaming facilities paintball on Bali Holiday The adventure is quite complete, so what should participants bring to play? Here are some mandatory items that you must bring yourself:

  • Change of clothes: PgFirst What you definitely have to bring is a change of clothes, because after the game the clothes you wear will be very wet with sweat. Therefore, bringing a change of clothes is something you must bring yourself.
  • Sunscreen: Since many arenas use outdoor environments, it’s a good idea to bring sunscreen with you protect skin from UV rays and direct sunburn. Sunscreen will also prevent striped skin due to outdoor activities.
  • Bathing needs: Although the game facility paintball in Bali Holiday Adventure has prepared bathroom facilities adequately, it’s a good idea to bring personal toiletries. Starting from facial washing soap, skincare products, toothbrushes, and other personal necessities, which you should bring when showering.
  • MoneyCash: The package you ordered indeed has lots of the best facilities and services, make sure to bring cash to buy various personal or other needs. You also prepare money to buy merchandise or souvenirs from Bali Holiday.
  • Personal bag: Make sure to bring a bag to store personal needs, for example to store a change of clothes, wallet or other personal needs.

Paintball Game Package Prices at Bali Holiday Adventure

For all gaming facilities, paintball in Bali Holiday Adventure, you only need to pay for the paintball package, with a price range starting from IDR 550,000.00/person. The minimum package order is for 4 people, especially when playing paintball, it’s best to play with lots of people.

1. Bullet

In each game you will get approximately 150 bullets for each player. This figure is sufficient for beginner players, it is different for needs. However, you can still increase the number of bullets paintball, at separate prices.

2. Pickup Area

As previously discussed, only a few areas have pick-up facilities. To make it easier, you can see the following information:

  • Nusa Dua: The first pick-up area is in the Nusa Dua area which usually has pick-up hours in the range of 07.45 to 08.00.
  • Kuta or Canggu: After that the fleet will usually continue to the pick-up route next in Kuta or Canggu Pada 08.00 to 08.30.
  • Sanur: From Kuta the pick-up fleet will continue to Sanur according to the scheduled pick-up from 08.30 to 09.00
  • Ubud: Next the route will continue to Ubud with pick up hours from 09.00 to 09.30.

The pick-up itself will affect the total payment because there is an additional pick-up fee of approximately IDR 175,000.00. The fleet used is also high quality, comfortable, air-conditioned, spacious, and complete with trained drivers who understand the routes.

Important Things During the Game

For ordering and during the game you don’t just have to understand gaming facilities paintball in Bali Holiday Adventure, you also have to pay attention to several important things such as:

1. Age limit

There is a minimum age requirement for players or participants, namely 5 years in the beginner team class. So it is still suitable for holiday needs with the family, with a minimum order of 4 people.

If you want to experience an individual adventure, a traveler must be at least 12 years old. Meanwhile, tourists aged 7~12 years can take part in the adventure with their parents or with a qualified instructor.

Apart from being ready to follow instructions and participate in the game, the minimum age also influences the readiness of individual players. The age limit also affects the equipment available, which is quite limited in size.

2. Health Limitations

Apart from the general, there are also other things that you have to pay attention to, namely the health condition of the participants, they must be guaranteed to be in a fit and prime condition. People who suffer from certain illnesses or special conditions are not advised to take part in the game, for example:

  • People with Asthma or respiratory diseases.
  • History of heart disease or heart failure.
  • In case of back pain.
  • Own injury legs that cannot carry out heavy activities.
  • Pregnant.
  • Or have another serious medical condition.

3. Rules

Actually, there are several general rules that you have to follow, such as:

  • Protective Equipment: Always wear appropriate and comfortable protective equipment, including a face mask or goggles, a protective vest, and appropriate clothing to protect the body from paint bullets.
  • Weapon Usage Understanding: Make sure you have a good understanding of weaponspaintball, as for beginners, will be taught the basics of its use during preparation. Check the weapon thoroughly and make sure it is safe and still walk properly.
  • Understand the Limits: Before the game starts, it is a good idea to understand the boundaries of the playing area or areas that are allowed to be used during the game. The point is to avoid getting lost or unwanted things happening beyond the control of the organizers.
  • Have a Field Supervisor: If something dangerous happens,it’s good You quick contact the supervisor or referee who monitors the progress of the game. Obey the instructions of the referee and stop play when instructed to do so.
  • Don’t Shoot Outside the Arena: Be sure to avoid shooting outside the playing area or into areas that cannot be used in the game. So even if it’s a game, don’t use the gaming facilities paintball in Bali Holiday Adventure outside game area.
  • Code of Ethics and Fair Play: Play with honest and good ethics. Don’t shoot players who have surrendered or brutally attack them. Respect fair play and the laws of the game, by raising your hands when hit and immediately leaving the playing area.
  • Not Using Illegally Homemade Weapons: Make sure not touse illegal weapons or modify weapons, with specs above normal. Generally, weapons have a maximum fps of 300, because they are not dangerous.
  • If there is a safety issue or other emergency situation, stop playing immediately.
  • Comply with the rules and regulations set by the facility provider, such as not throwing away rubbish in the area, returning equipment, cleaning markings before return, and completing administration.

4. Regarding Personal Property

Please note that Bali Holiday Adventure is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. So make sure to protect personal items wisely during the game. It’s a good idea to use a luggage storage service to ensure security.

Paintball Game Package at Bali Holiday Adventure

In addition to the main game package paintball, Bali Holiday Adventure also provides various game packages related to paintball Like:

1. ATV Adventure + Paintball Combo

To increase the excitement and adrenaline, you can experience a thrilling, action-packed day by combining the excitement of ATV riding with the intensity of Paintball. This package is ATV Adventure +Paintball Combo, which offers adventure and the beauty of the Balinese landscape.

For this package you need to spend a lot of money with prices starting from IDR 1,100,000.00/person with a minimum of 1 group of 4 people. Facility paintball still the same, but you will be given additional ATV Adventure facilities. Starting from safety standards, long tracking routes, and various other equipment.

2. Rafting + Paintball

You can also do water games by immersing yourself and adventuring against the aura. With white water rafting on the Ayung river, with the Rafting + packagePaintball. Because the facilities are simpler than ATVs, the price of this combo package is more affordable, starting from IDR 850,000.00/person.

Additional facilities on the Rafting + packagePaintball The Bali Holiday Adventure is quite complete. Starting from buoys, rafting boats and other equipment, as well as Instagrammable photo spot packages. You will also be invited to stop by a hidden waterfall which is still beautiful and very refreshing.

Interested in a holiday playing at Bali Holiday Adventure?

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your holiday in Bali into an unforgettable adventure with Bali Holiday Adventure! As a provider of paintball game facilities in Bali most complete, we not only offer exciting games, but are also full of action and definitely safe.

So what are you waiting for? Book now to experience this colorful adventure and create epic moments with family and friends that you will remember for a lifetime.

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