Rafting Prices in Bali, Tips and Some Terms

Rafting is available in various places including the city of Bali. various Bali rafting prices offered with the best facilities to pamper its visitors.

However, for those of you who are new to this term, you also need to understand its various terms. Apart from that, you also need to know more about rafting. This is necessary because rafting is not just a sport, but a variety of activities carried out in one activity.

What is Rafting?

Rafting, known as rafting is an activity that combines various elements, such as sport, education and adventure. However, rafting is included in the water sports category and is now found in many places.

Visitors to this activity will carry out activities by navigating the rapids on the river. However, this activity is not just wading but there are various challenging things while crossing these rivers.

In rafting, you can also use various media to navigate rivers using straw. Some of these tools include kayaks, canoes, paddles, rubber boats and others.

At first glance, this sport will test everyone’s courage because it is a fairly risky sport. You will experience various things that could cause you harm if you don’t follow the instructions from several guides in this activity.

Apart from your guts, you also have to prepare yourself physically so that you are fit and enthusiastic during your activities. With all the risks above, beginners need to understand the tips for rafting more deeply.

Rafting Tips for Beginners in Bali

For those of you who want to go rafting in Bali or other cities, you also need to understand the various tips. Apart from that, understand and look first at rafting prices in Bali to be more cost effective. If everything is prepared, then you can follow the following tips:

The body is in fresh condition

Before taking part in rafting activities, it is best if your body is healthy and fit. Because, you will carry out activities that require quite extra energy when passing through each river that has straw.

This is important to do because if there are various problems then you have to be able to swim when the river is flowing. Apart from that, you also have to be able to maneuver under any circumstances and follow every instruction from the guide.

Wear clothes according to standards

Wearing clothes when rafting is different from clothes or trousers when worn every day. For this reason, the recommended clothing for rafting is shorts or leggings and also t-shirts.

Meanwhile, the footwear used should be something other than flip-flops or shoes. These two mats should be avoided because they could come loose, get wet or even be damaged while rafting.

The right footwear can be mountain sandals that have straps on the top. This mat is considered the safest and most appropriate for various outdoor activities, including rafting activities.

Use Full Attributes

Attributes are very necessary before rafting for personal safety during this activity. Various attributes that can be used such as life vests, safety helmets and others.

For life vests, you can pull the straps if they are too big for your body. As for helmets, it’s best to choose one that has perfect adhesion and the strap is just below the chin. Avoid helmets with straps that are too narrow because they can hurt your chin and neck.

Do a Warm Up

For beginners who have not done rafting, they need to warm up first. The goal is that during these activities you do not experience injuries, cramps, or sprains in various parts of the body.

To warm up, just do something light, such as relaxing your muscles to make them more flexible. If you are still confused about how to warm up, you can stretch your arms and then bend your right or left legs alternately.

Then for the neck you can look up, shake your head, twist your arm hinges and nod. When everything is finished, you can finish by running or jumping somewhere.

Position and Movement

Placing yourself in the right position and movement is also very important when rafting. For the right position, it is recommended to choose to sit on the edge of the boat so that your balance on the boat is better maintained. If the position shifts to the middle or bottom, the potential for harm is greater.

Apart from position, you also need to pay attention to the movement, where you need to hold the paddle stick in the middle. You can get into this position if you sit on the left. However, those of you who sit on the right can grip the tip of the T-shaped paddle with the palm of your right hand.

Don’t Panic

Various things can happen when rafting, including falling into the water. Even though this is very rare, you still have to be alert and make sure you don’t panic when you fall into the water.

Apart from that, you can also swim straight away and make sure your body position is facing up and on your back, like lying on the water. If the position is right, you just have to follow the river flow. Next, you just have to wait for help from the guides on duty.

Be Calm when the Boat Capsizes

Various things can happen when rafting, including the boat capsizing. If this happens, you must remain calm, because you can still breathe through the air gap in the boat.

If conditions are like that, you need to dive as the best solution to get out of the boat. However, during this process, you need to be careful because you are worried that you will hit a river rock.

Understand the Commands when Rowing

There are also special instructions for paddling while rafting that beginners need to understand, including:

  • Forward: rowing inward
  • Backward: stroke the paddle outward so that the boat moves backward.
  • Right forward, left backward: the participant on the right pedals forward and on the left pedals backward.
  • Stop: all participants must stop rowing and make sure their hands are in a raised position.
  • Move right: the participant on the left can move to the right.
  • Move left: participants on the right can immediately move to the left.
  • Boom: The boom instruction appears when facing the hay, so all participants must be in a lowered body position and hold the paddle. Then, everyone also needs to hold the boat’s edge very tightly.

Rafting Price List in Bali

For those of you who choose Bali as a rafting destination, you also need to understand the complete Bali rafting prices. There are various places you can choose to do rafting activities. However, make sure you choose a rafting price that is more affordable and has complete facilities.

White Water Rafting

In this adventurous form, the participants will go along a quite long river in Bali. Around the river there is quite a lot of very lush tropical forest and several hidden waterfalls.

The price for rafting is around IDR per person. 450 thousand and there must be a minimum of 2 people in one group and this does not include transport. If you need transport to get to the area, there will be an additional fee of Rp. 175 thousand. Especially for those using transport, the booking process has a time limit starting from 08.00-09.30, depending on the city the participant is from.

With the price for rafting in Bali, you get various exciting facilities. Some of them are AC transport, drinking water, professional guides, safety insurance, and Instagrammable photos. Apart from that, there are several premium facilities that you can get, such as:

Buffet Ready Meals

With this rafting price in Bali, participants can immediately have lunch after the adventure. In the food offerings, you can enjoy local and international flavors and everything is served as a buffet.

Waterfalls and Natural Beauty of Bali

While rafting, you will see various natural beauties along the river. You can see waterfalls and some natural beauty that humans have never touched.

Professional Guides

When rafting, you can paddle along the river with its various beauties. You will also be guided by professional guides so that it will be safer and more fun while traveling along the river.

ATV Adventure + Rafting Combo

For those of you who want to have even more fun while adventuring, you can also try the ATV adventure + rafting combo. This type of activity is a combination of adventuring by crossing riverbanks and exploring steep areas with 4 wheels.

To enjoy this sensation, you can make an order for Rp. 1 million with a minimum of 2 people in one group and it does not include transportation. As in the previous package, for transportation there is an additional fee of Rp. 175 thousand.

With the price for rafting in Bali, you get AC transport, photos, shower facilities and various other advantages. Apart from that, there are several other superior facilities such as:

ATV Riding

The committee in Bali provided the vehicle to be used for riding. With this tool, you can explore various terrains ranging from ancient purees, forests, rice fields, traditional villages and others. In this process, you will be guided by a professional guide.

Exploring the Legendary River

After activity riding, once you’re done, you can go rafting with friends through various rivers in Bali. The river is known to be quite legendary and long and around it there are various tropical forests. So, it can make you more experienced and able to trigger adrenaline.

Comprehensive Package

You have chosen a fairly comprehensive package by choosing this rafting price in Bali. It is supported by mineral water, accident insurance, unlimited lunch and others.

Beautiful scenery

Things that are quite enjoyable in this package include beautiful views that you may have never experienced. Because you can see beauty on two sides, namely around the river and in steep terrain such as plantations and rice fields.

Rafting + Paintball Combo

Carrying out rafting activities can also be accompanied by playing paintball. This type of game is like playing shooting using paint bullets and wearing full clothes.

If you choose this package, the price for rafting in Bali is around Rp. 850 thousand and a minimum 4 people. If the location is far from the rafting location, you can book transportation for an additional fee of Rp. 175 thousand. This fee includes the following facilities:

Comprehensive Package

Like the ATV adventure package, you will get various advantages in this package. For example, unlimited lunch, insurance in case of an accident, mineral water and others.

Paintball Challenge

You and other participants will fight with and be formed into several teams. So, each participant must be able to develop the best strategy in order to shoot their opponent correctly and win the fight.

Legendary River

The rafting provided by the owner is the same as before where the river used is quite legendary. There are lots of tropical forests, the rivers are long and the flow is quite fast.

Nice scenery

While playing paintball and rafting, you will be pampered with beautiful views. Interestingly, the shooting action takes place outdoors and all the views are amazing.

Various Terms in Playing Rafting

After knowing the price of rafting in Bali, you also need to understand the various terms in the game, here is the review:

River Right

These instructions are generally used by guides when you are rafting. This command is used as a guide so that when rafting is safe.

Apart from that, river right or “river right” is an effort to direct participants to the right side of the river. These directions are used to avoid rapids or certain dangers when crossing rivers.

River Left

Another term is river left, where this instruction is the opposite of river right. If previously the guide asked the participants to go to the right, on this order the participants could use the left side to avoid danger

Put In

Put In is a term where rafting needs to refer to the starting location on a trip. This instruction is used when the boat is on the river bank or around a parking area with a river.

In these conditions, the participants will get ready to start the adventure. The guides will provide a briefing and participants can also install the equipment that has been prepared.

Take Out

Take out is an area where the participants’ boats will stop or leave the river area. This term is often used when participants have finished their rafting trip on the river.

Generally, this term appears when participants are already on the river bank and participants can access the road either by driving or walking. In addition, at this position, all equipment including boats, vehicles, buoys and others are collected and stored safely. Then in this position, the participants also enjoy various foods or drinks after finishing rafting.

High Side

The height side is a condition where the position of the boat is higher than the water surface. This condition occurs because of two things, starting from the strong current and strong straw around the river.

If this condition is left, it could cause the boat to capsize. For this reason, participants must be able to maintain balance by directing their body weight to the side of the boat that has been lifted or high the side. 

This term is usually used by guides when the boat is alert. So, the guide will instruct the participants to direct the boat’s body and coordinate the participants. This instruction aims to ensure the safety of all participants in the boat.

Rapids Classification

Rapids in Bali or other areas generally have different classifications or class differences. In general, classes are divided into five sections, starting from class I to class V.

In this classification, the coverage varies from current speed, natural obstacles and rapid strength. For more details, here are the details of the rafting classes:

  • Class I: The river run by participants is relatively easy because the river flow is slow, and suitable for beginners.
  • Class II: The river flow is moderate, and some of them have small waves (recommended for beginners).
  • Class III: Types of rivers in class three have very fast currents and large waves. This section is only for experienced participants and needs to prepare adequate equipment.
  • Class IV: The rapids in this section are even more challenging because the waves are big, the current is fast and the obstacles are also difficult. So participants need to use the right techniques and complete equipment to be safe while crossing the river.
  • Class V: This is the highest level and is very dangerous or extreme. So, the participants must be professionals in their field and use more complete safety equipment than the previous level.


The paddle is a term for a tool that is usually used to move river currents. The shape of this tool is like a flat blade and is quite wide at both ends. Then in the middle there is a handle which is usually used for holding.

These tools are generally made of fiberglass, carbon, wood or other materials that are waterproof and light. With light material, the paddle will be easier for participants riding the boat to control.

Apart from that, this tool can be used to speed up or slow down the boat while rowing. So, a paddle is not just any paddle but has its own technique when used because it has a big influence on the speed, safety and stability of the boat. Apart from that, the paddle can also be a tool to help move the boat and propel it when the current is strong.

Safety Kayaker

This term is an individual who is assigned to supervise rafting participants while traveling along the river. In the monitoring process, these officers are equipped with kayaking boats and very complete safety equipment as well.

The main task of a kayaker is to help the team when there is an emergency. For example, the boat is released, helping participants who fall into the water, providing first aid, and assisting participants who have difficulty following the river flow.

Not only that, he is also responsible for monitoring the condition of the river he will traverse. For example, whether the rapids used are strong or not, large rocks and fast currents.

With this supervision, he can provide warnings to participants when the situation is quite dangerous. Apart from that, he also has the task of leading the participants along the river.

So, beginners who want to play rafting should understand some of these tips and terms. Apart from that, those who want to go to Bali also need to analyze places that have professional equipment and guides.

If you are too lazy to analyze then make sure you choose Bali Holiday Adventure https://baliholidayadventure.com/. The price for rafting in Bali is relatively cheaper than other places. Apart from that, the equipment and other facilities are also very complete, the guides are professional and the area is very challenging.

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